Patron: Wim van de Donk

Sporck Foundation

In 2003 a group of enthusiastic music lovers initiated the Sporck Foundation. We dedicate ourselves to the promotion of Jo Sporck's music and his fellow composers. Supported by public and private funding we organise concerts, musical projects, and educational events. We encourage young musicians and concert managers to program contemporary music. The members of the foundation work free of charge, thus all donations go directly to the projects which we organise. Members of the foundation: Klaas Schuur, Henk Naaijkens, Leo Netten and Marjon Verstappen.

Why Sporck Foundation?
Music should be heard. Especially the music of Jo Sporck: specific, intense, lyrical and powerful. These words only partly do justice to his artistic personality. We are committed to his music and therefore we do our best to make his music sound. Especially in the present time!

Activities Sporck Foundation
We organise one or more concerts every year. Besides, we initiate special projects like the Sporck Musical award, educational programs and lectures. We always seek cooperation with partners, like concert halls, musicians and program directors. Are you interested in working together? Please contact us.