Mallet Collective plays Sporck

October 16, 2022, Cenakel, Tilburg

On Sunday, October 16, you have the opportunity to attend a percussion concert in the Cenakel in Tilburg. The leading Mallet Collective will then play works by Sporck and Ligeti, among others. The collective consists of players from all over Europe who work together on everything to do with wooden and metal sounds, pulse and new compositions in different line-ups. On October 16 Ramon Lormans, Georgi Tsenov, Joao Sequeira and Agostinho Sequeira will play the vibraphone and marimba.

Starts at 3 p.m., entrance €15.00; for donors of the Sporck Foundation € 10,-.

Mallet Collective (kwartet)


part 1: duo Ramon Lormans & Georgi Tsenov
- Misha Sporck - DeSoLaTion (2015*)
- Gyorgy Ligeti - Hungarian Rock (1978, adpt. Ramon Lormans)
- Jo Sporck - Doubles (2015*)


part 2: Mallet Collective (quartet)
- David Six - Mallet Quartet no. 1 (2021*)
- Steve Reich - Mallet Quartet (2009)
performers in part 2:
Joao Sequeira & Agostinho Sequeira (vibraphone)
Georgi Tsenov and Ramon Lormans (leader) (marimba)


About Mallet Collective

Mallet Collective creates and presents new work to adventurous and curious audiences. Within Percussion Friends, the collective aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of percussionists as a world-class ensemble. Mallet Collective is committed to drastically expanding the still very small existing repertoire with new masterpieces from modern times.

Mallet Collective played in Tromp Percussion competition, Bachfestival Dordrecht, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, the World Minimal Music Festival, Tivoli/Vredenburg, de Doelen, Eglise st. Francoise in Lausanne Switzerland, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Uitgast festival, Odapark Venray, the Grachtenfestival, Hiroshima Marimba Junior Festival, Adams International Percussion Festival and during the World Marimba Competition Stuttgart.

In the past the collective collaborated with, among others, Ravi Coltrane, Lucas & Arthur Jussen, Scholtes & Janssens Piano Duo, Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam, Percossa, Tchiki duo from Switzerland, Brabant Koor and SR9 trio from France, and the ensemble recorded a live CD of Canto Ostinato in 2016 in the Concertgebouw main hall during the Robeco Summer Concerts in 2016 with Ivo Janssen.

New work is very important when creating your own language and repertoire. In addition to their own arrangements, Mallet Collective does at least 3 composition assignments every year. The following composers have already written for Mallet Collective: David Six, Aart Strootman, Jo Sporck, Misha Sporck, Arnold Marinissen, Anthony Fiumara, Sarah Neutkens, Greg Saunier, Nick Woud, Anne-Maartje Lemereis and Remy Alexander.

In the past 1.5 years, Mallet Collective has recorded four albums that will be released under their own management in the fall of 2022.

Mallet Collective works closely with Adams Musical Instruments and plays exclusively on their instruments.