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Buizer Horn trio plays Brahms, Ligeti and Sporck

On November 28, 2021, the Sporck Foundation will organize a unique concert in the Lodewijkskerkje, Kerkstraat 64 in Oisterwijk. The Buizer Horn Trio [link naar volgende pagina] will then play the well-known horn trio by Brahms alongside the premiere of a recently completed horn trio by Jo Sporck. In addition to Brahms and Ligeti, he is the third composer to have written a work for the rare instrumentation of horn, violin and piano. Also on the programme: among others Entrain for violin and piano by Sporck.

Entrance fee: € 10,-

Recent recordings

Dvd-registration of the complete jubilee concert (Zindering and Mozart KV 482) available for friends of Stichting Sporck (see under Donations)

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Support the Sporck Foundation

The cultural sector has been severely affected by the pandemic and the accompanying measures. The Sporck Foundation nevertheless remains active: in September 2020 we organized a corona tour along 6 nursing homes in Tilburg and applications for funding a proposed concert in the Lodewijkskerkje in Oisterwijk in November 2021 have been made. (See message elsewhere on this page.) In addition to this we are considering a performance or registration of the piano quintets of Brahms and Sporck, whether or not in combination with the above-mentioned trios and possible works for piano solo. Sporck's oeuvre is far from being mapped out. As you can see there is no lack of programmatic options and a small catch-up after a monotonous corona year is a terrific goal for the Foundation for the near future….

Your financial support is more than welcome! Do you recognize the importance of the arts and would you like to support the work of the foundation? Then pay your contribution to NL 96 INGB 000 322 7616, in the name of Stichting Sporck. Thank you!