Musical samples

What does Sporck's music sound like? An introduction:

Can you translate space into music?
Jo Sporck has tried to answer this question. For instance in his composition Subito Sera. The singers are positioned in four corners of the concert hall, circling the public. What happens when you surround the listener with voices, voices that travel from one corner to the other; weaving an intricate pattern of crossing-over, losing and finding each other. Jo Sporck investigates these acoustic phenomena in a variety of compositions.

Chain: father and son
Chamber music lies at the heart of his comprehensive oeuvre. Many compositions are written for piano, not surprisingly as Jo Sporck was educated as a solo pianist. Something special: Jo's composition Ketting,(Chain) performed by his oldest son Antal Sporck, who himself also is composer and solo pianist. Jo Sporck also wrote for his youngest son, Misha Sporck, a horn-player and a composer as well. Misha graduated as a composer and horn player at the Amsterdam and The Hague conservatory. Both sons regularly perform in the Netherlands and abroad.

The human voice: starting point for all music
Jo Sporck wrote many songs: "It all starts with the human voice. I always seek evocative, poetical texts, like the Dutch poet Lodeizen: In de grote cirkel van de zee slaapt hij zijn dromen" (trans: In the grand circle of the sea he sleeps his dreams). Those texts can be found in any language, from Hebrew to Russian, in any period of time.

There are 3 CD’s with chamber music. Chamber Music I en II can be ordered  via the Sporck Foundation, 13 Capricen via Talking Music (TalkM 1005).
Chamber Music I: Lodeizen Songs, Hymn to the Night, Poème pour quatre saxophones
Chamber Music II: o.a. Space I, Retorsie I, Retorsie II

Online music and video
Would you like to hear more music from Jo Sporck? Go to the list of works  and choose for yourself.

Or watch the video's "Luz y Silencio" or "Tonga trio" on the video-page.

CD by Igor Urruchi
CD by Igor Urruchi A long wave in common: Flor de Otoño on bass clarinet and viola.

Première-klanken 2015

Lontano (part 3 from Licht en tegenlicht), executors:  David Kuyken and Antal Sporck piano

As: opening
executors: Martijn and Stefan Blaak