Tilburg op vleugels autumn 2018

This remarkable festival features both internationally renowned pianists and regional young talents. The grand piano plays a leading role during three weekends that will have Tilburg in high spirits as the city offers classical music to a wide audience of connoiseurs as well as incidental visitors. The occasion for this event is the 65th birthday of Jo Sporck, composer and honorary citizen of Tilburg.

Crowdfunding: donate for Tilburg op vleugels!

In the autom of 2018 Stichting Sporck organizes a remarkable festival that features both internationally renowned pianists and regional young talents. To make this possible your help is needed. Therefore we have started a crowdfunding on www.tilburgvoorcultuur.nl, where you can lend your support via a donation. You can choose from several interesting premiums! The crowdfunding will end on the 8th of February. Visit www.tilburgvoorcultuur.nl for more information.

Festival programme

On Saturday 29th September there will be a tractor and trailer tour through Tilburg in order to find the most promising young pianist of the year 2018. Every pianist aged 8 to 15 can participate.

A concert marathon that will last until midnight is scheduled for Friday night 5th October in the concert hall in Tilburg. International pianists of high repute take turns in giving exhilarating performances.

Piano students of Jelena Bazova at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts will play piano music for two, four, seven and eight hands in Van de Sande pianos’ showroom on Sunday 7th October.

The symphonic finale will take place on Sunday 14th October in the concert hall in Tilburg. Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 482 will be performed besides the premiere of Zindering for piano and orchestra by Jo Sporck.

We welcome your donations to make this festival possible, by crowdfunding or otherwise.

Crowdfunding for "Tilburg op vleugels" will start December 27th 2017.

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