Photo impression concert Cello aan zet

On 27 October the Belgian cello quartet Assai performed at the Cenakel in Tilburg. In addition to two brand new spatial compositions by Jo Sporck and Richard Cameron-Wolfe (USA), they played two works by J.S. Bach: his second suite for cello and the famous Chaconne, originally written for violin solo:



J.S. Bach (1685-1750): suite no.2 BWV 1008 in d minor for cello solo

R. Cameron-Wolfe (1943 -): Telesthesia for four cellos (premiere)

J. Sporck (1953 -): Switch for four cellos (premiere)

J.S. Bach Chaconne from partita BWV 1004 for violin solo (arrangement for cello quartet: L.Varga)


These photos give you an impression of the majestic performance.